Payment Options

We understand that you like to do things your way.Ā  With all the payment options Evergreen offers, there is certainly one to meet your needs.

    Payment Authorization (ACH) Form

    A great way to have payments made automatically each month.

    Pay By Phone

    Payments can be made over the phone during regular business hours

    Pay By Mail

    Payments can be made by mailing payments directly to Evergreen

    Pay By MoneyGram

    Payments can be made by visiting any MoneyGram location

    Pay Online

    Payments can be made online through MyNote Account

    You may now use MoneyGram to make payments on your account, please click here for more information. In order to make payments at MoneyGram, you will need a 14 digit account number. If your account number is less than 14 digits, please insert zeros on your account number to comply. For exapmle, if your account number is 123456, please use account number 00000000123456
    Pay By MoneyGram MobilePass