Nevada Installment Collections

Evergreen Solves The Silver State’s Installment Collections Issues

Since the boom that followed the Comstock Lode the hearty settlers that call Nevada home do things their own way – including buying and selling real estate. Even though the federal government owns over 80% of the land in the state the other 20% is often bought and sold with owner terms. The expert Nevada loan servicing agents that work for Evergreen provide the answers to the needs of these mavericks with 24/7 online account access, detailed payment histories, tax and insurance impounding, document management and Nevada loan servicing specific requirements. Our specialized loan servicing executives offer prompt and professional communications to help the real estate professionals in Nevada solve their special loan servicing requirements.

Call a Nevada installment collections specialist today at 775-329-5806 to learn more about how Evergreen Note Servicing can take over the details of managing your note.


With two prime locations our network of Nevada Loan Servicing agents are here to help:


Visit our Las Vegas Nevada Loan Servicing Agents which cover:

Las VegasNorth Las VegasSpring Valley
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Visit our Reno Nevada Loan Servicing Agents which cover:

RenoSparksIncline Village
Carson CityTahoe

Advantages of Using Evergreen As Your Installment Collections Servicer

It makes sense: Nevada Installment Collections is complicated and an impartial party between payor (buyer) and payees (seller/lender), servicing as the entity who maintains bookkeeping records without bias makes life easy for all involved. Evergreen’s professional support team has been specifically staffed and managed to serve the continuing needs of these types of creative real estate professionals and the buyers and sellers.

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New Mobile App Payment Option

The MoneyGram MobilePass app in English is available for Apple® devices. It is also available in both English and Spanish for Android™ devices.

This new option was named “Best Cash Innovation” in the industry at the 2017 Innovation Awards.

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