• Our Company was created in 1974 and incorporated in 1975.
  • Evergreen Note Servicing, 1993:  Evergreen Escrow separated the contract collections department and became a new division, Evergreen Note Servicing.
  • December 2001:  Evergreen Note Servicing acquires WSECU contract collection portfolio.
  • May 2004:  Opened Yakima, WA office.
  • June 2004:  Evergreen Note Servicing acquires portfolio of contracts from Northwest Title and pushes our number of contracts to a record high.
  • February 2005:  Opened California branch office.
  • July 2005:  Evergreen Note Servicing acquires Stewart Title of Ellensburg’s portfolio of contracts.
  • October 2005:  Alaska Title and Escrow awards their contract collection portfolio to Evergreen Note Servicing.
  • December 2005:  Evergreen Note Servicing converts Snohomish PUD CU contract collection portfolio to become Evergreen Note Servicing clients.
  • August 2006:  Evergreen Data Systems is launched as the industry’s next generation of loan servicing software. Evergreen’s innovative technology was written and created by owners and operators of Evergreen Note Servicing.
  • November 2006:  Evergreen Note Servicing acquires Valley IC office in Reno, NV.
  • December 2006:  Evergreen acquires Allegro Escrow Services, in Spokane, WA, and continues to operate as Allegro Escrow Services in the Spokane market.
  • November 2007:  Evergreen is awarded the servicing rights to Western Title Company, in Reno, NV.
  • November 2009:  Evergreen acquires the servicing portfolio from Northern Nevada Title in Reno, NV.
  • May 2011:  Evergreen acquires Allied Installment Collections of Reno, NV to become the leading seller financing servicer in Northern Nevada.
  • November 2013:  Opened Phoenix, AZ branch office.
  • June 2015:  Evergreen acquires Cow County Title in Oregon.
  • December 2015:  Evergreen acquires Klickitat Title in Washington.
  • October 2016:  Evergreen Acquires Curry County Title in Nevada.
  • June 2017:  Evergreen acquires Olympic Escrow Accounts.
  • October 2017:  Evergreen Acquires Accruit.
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