Partial Tax Payments

Tax Payment Servicing

Evergreen provides partial tax payment servicing to approved taxpayers of participating tax authorities. Utilizing its account servicing software and tax impounding experience, Evergreen establishes tax payment accounts to receive, hold and disburse current and delinquent tax installments. The process is simple:


  • The tax authority enters into an agreement with the taxpayer approving the monthly partial payment of delinquent or current tax installments
  • The taxpayer enters into an agreement with Evergreen to make monthly partial payments in accordance with the tax authority’s agreement
  • Evergreen establishes an account for the taxpayer and collects and holds monthly payments paid towards the tax installment(s) due

  • Evergreen pays the tax installment(s) to the tax authority on the due date using the money that has been accrued through the taxpayer’s monthly payments Details on any special terms such as Balloon Payments, Rate Changes, etc.

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To receive details on this program or to become a participating tax authority and provide your taxpayers the convenience and affordability of monthly partial tax payments