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Evergreen Note Servicing provides first-rate tools, products, and services to manage customer payments efficiently. With knowledgeable customer service staff, online account management tools, multiple payment options, and much more, customers can rest assured they are working with a company focused on protecting their interests. Evergreen Note Servicing provides complete account services, including the following:

Friendly customer service and 24/7 online account access


Detailed year-end statements and annual interest reporting

Accurate balance tracking and detailed payment histories


Secure document management

Tax and Insurance Impounding

Multiple payment options including online payments, pay by phone and credit card payments through MoneyGram

Advantages of Third Party Escrow

There are many advantages to using a third party escrow agency to service your loan. When you sell your property and accept a Promissory Note secured by a Deed of Trust or Real Estate Contract, you take on the risks and responsibilities of being a lender. Some advantages to using third-party escrow are:

  • A neutral party accepting payments, computing interest, principal, and late charges. Eliminating future disputes over balances owed and protects the buyer’s credit history
  • The secure holding of original documents until the account is paid in full and recording of documents after payoff
  • Setting up reserve accounts for the payment of taxes and insurance, with annual recomputation to update tax and insurance amounts paid

  • Eliminating the need to release your social security number to the other party. Both parties will use our TIN (Tax Identification Number) to report to the IRS

Why Evergreen Note Servicing?

Buyer’s Benefits

    • Establish Credit History
    • Auto Payment Options
    • Annual Reporting
    • Accurate Amortizing

Seller’s Benefits

    • IRS Reporting
    • Auto Deposit
    • Optional Reserve Accounts
    • Optional Late Notices

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